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Coffee Spiders and Copyrights

A Failure of the Reality Test

Jeff Cliff
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  • themusicgod1

  • Ask gyrlbrat.

  • This blog is a list of my "accomplishments", along with some memes. However, at my friends page I've been sort of making an attempt at real content, using RSS feeds. Most people have their real content on their site and nothing on their friends page, this blog has that nearly reversed. Also; thedark.jabberwocky.org system outages may be announced here from time to time, as well as some things that might otherwise go into a journal(at least, until I can get a medical blog).

  • I will accept your money (either as a gift or in exchange for some good or service) - I prefer Ripple, although I also would happily accept Canadian Dollars, GBP, Euros, eGold. I'll accept ithaca hours, yuan, liberty dollars, greenbacks, rubles, afghanis, and other currency, but I'll probably ask for a compensation for doing so.

  • I have an amazon wishlist, although I do like 'food' and 'fresh water' and consider books kind of archaic, if aesthetically appealing.

  • I oppose DRM.

  • sachmet has a really cool tool to track down how you are connected to another lj user.

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  • FSF Member --- when I can afford it.

  • I am also on reddit.(Are you on reddit? Send me an email!)

  • in case it isn't explicitly obvious, I have a website

  • I use bittorrent, and now bitcoin ( 1BAsM4Bjjbjifsx1WBvEyVsZgjcUyg8d5K )

  • The Blog-O-Cuss Meter - Do you cuss a lot in your blog or website?
    Created by OnePlusYou

  • I can be found on the QQ network: 469273075
  • I have a GNU Savannah profile.
  • I use Ubuntu

  • I code.