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Jeff Cliff

Year end review, 2012


This year has been kind of rough so far.

But last year! What did it have in store?

  • Not content to watch the world ignore the IPCC's findings and Canada & Chimerica run straight into escallating climate cahnge, a mad scientist has been taking matters into his own hands. While the authorities are terrified at what kinds of permanent damage he's doing to the oceans, I am cheering him on. Catastrophe or not, he might be the best thing the human species has going for them in terms of action and political will right now.

  • Earlier, Warren planted a seed of an idea in my head, that just refuses to stop developing. OK that last link was 2013, not 2012 -- that's the point. If I get breath beyond exhaustion, expect this idea to keep blooming. The idea of a 'git culture' beyond The Bible.

  • Saskboy made one of the insightful points in a larger discussion concerning the exclusion of people from society via technical means. The World Wide Web is inherently valuable and entities that abuse the moniker 'www' should be called on it.

  • I was at the pre-idle no more prayr gathering on dec 9th, part of a flame that is spread now throughout the world. I live just on the edge of this wave, but it is interesting to watch it move.

  • I'm not sure the furthest I've ever run... but I started running again in 2012. When I do not have the support phone, expect this to be what I'm doing. 25-6km is the furthest I've gone so far in one go, and it is pretty close to my physical limits. I intend to push those limits and am no longer content to allow them to continue to fall.

  • There have been some Big moves in the Ripple world(which you may remember from earlier posts on here LJ that I am kind of near the centre of)...Villages is eclipsing Ripplepay in terms of active users, and a new startup is taking the idea, code & community and running with it.

  • I think I might be a recursive hipster

  • 2012 marks 10 years now since I've moved to regina. While I did live in Saskatoon in summer '05 and Outlook in summer '09...really this year marks the end of my 20s, a significant chunk of my adult life having past. I have the sense that from now on things in my life will resemble eachother more than they resembled the past, as my degrees of freedom limit themselves and entropy continues to overcomeo me.

  • When considering large, complicated problems be careful to not confuse bottlenecks with the Big bottleneck : better tools. There is a 'right tool' for every job, but we usually lack them, and we may have to buy, steal or make them.

  • ...I started using twitter. Fuck me what a waste of time, but look at how many of these links are twitter links? Such a paradox.

  • Given the rest of the 'news' in this list...just remember it's not just somewhat futile to oppose these destructive forces, but at the root of all of it is the confused, tight grasping to things that hurt us in the first place. If that fact doesn't knock down all the basis for all political parties, 'isms' and social institutions for you, I don't know if anything would.

  • Some moments are worth keeping...playing piano for a certain someone, even if I wasn't really as good as I've been in the past, made me happy. I would have lived this year over again, and over again, every suicidal and fear filled moment for the ability to do that again. No regrets.

  • ...but just because I have no regrets doesn't mean that I wouldn't lose weight...actually I did end up doing so. For most of the year I was actually kind of getting fat though. At this point, after the past 2ish weeks of basically starvation, I am not particularly *heavy* I just am a little low on muscle mass relative to weight, and definnitely low on vitamins that vegetables give for sure.

  •, the 'new' as of 2011 instantiation of Ripple, ended up being opensourced. It wasn't as successful as I think Ryan was hoping, leading credibility to my belief that it's been the p2p aspect that's actually more important than, and key to the widespread social acceptance of it. I was definitely keen to pull that code though. It will, I think, be a key for a locked door later on.

  • While Idle No More is opening up the discussion of first nations relations in Canada in the biggest way that I've ever seen it, our government is covering up evidence of crimes against humanity. We will probably never be able to fully resolve this in my lifetime, at this rate.

  • After pissing off a reddit user during a particularly grumpy day, someone else decided to take the idea of "jeff cliff" as a positive thing and run with it. It's been a couple of months of seeing what I could be, now. On the upside, I no longer need to waste time on the internet now, since I have someone doing that for me.

  • Normally I don't get sick very often. 2012, I was sick. A lot. I missed work, which I don't remember doing since like 2003. I had a cold for about 6 months that kept getting worse and better and worse which I am still half getting over. I think living like I do is finally getting to me.

  • for example, living 99.9999% of my life either by my computer at work, by my computer at home, or between the two, or within a safe wifi environment while holding the support phone, making sure that my customer's customer has 24/7 support for another year. By the end of the year I'm seriously thinking of looking to see if someone's invented a buzzing pager collar since, why not at least visibly *look* like I'm chained to my work.

  • On the upside one of Vision of Earth/ben_harack's project, which I was even if a small part, definitely a part came to fruition in a big way, and nearly got Vision of Earth a prestigious contract with the city. As is we beat out companies all across north america, which is something to be proud of. When we presented I was credited with funding the thing, which is even partially true. We had 2 mayoral candidates and one city councillor candidate at the presentation, and came close, even if for a moment, to coming to grips with the problems in our city, and world.

  • Although the consequences have not yet totally arrived...I "finished" the paperwork and became a legitimate business owner in the province of saskatchewan. At the very least, I am definitely paying my fair share of the social contract, under any conceivable measure.

  • no comment.

  • Personally, I don't think robocalls, even as dirty of a trick that they were, were that much of a big deal. However Elections Canada's refusal to prosocute them fully certainly is, and we really should be questioning what kind of a Democracy we live in here in Canada, at this point, really.

  • Every year it seems like Canada gets worse, we lose yet another level of "it's not that bad, at least it's not X". On many levels, even if there was something to be proud of in this country, it's quickly being lost.

  • Like many on the internet, I had a role in helping defeat SOPA. A law that should have been a slam-dunk, and had the support of both parties in the US government by a large margin, was stopped dead in its tracks at the last moment. A major battle won, which allowed...

  • ...future battles to be won. ACTA may have been agreed to in Canada, but at least Europe managed to escape from the madness. They've got their own problems, but at least there will be somewhere in the world without the international stranglehold the MPAA & RIAA hold here.

  • In more pressing matters...I was threatened with 10,000$/day fines, for not doing my paperwork right while trying to run a business. This, obviously, is an enourmous incentive and don't think that it will not be on my mind, come april when I renegotiate my contract.

  • I discovered logotherapy.

  • Although ACTA is dead (outside of Canada), and SOPA/PIPA dead, buried with garlic, surrounded by armed guards with silver-tipped stakes...the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations continue. Like ACTA, our pushover government has already agreed to its provisions[who cares to what as long as the canadian taxpayer can be milked, apparently], but there's still battles to be fought. For future generations reading this: I know you're fucked, believe me, we tried. In the meanwhile I really need to quit the AFM, and I still haven't decided what to do about my band given that.

  • I found out about decision fatigue. If you want to understand me, it would be a good starting point.

  • Although I'm not credited so much I discovered the US government is paying private mercenary intelligence groups to spy on an obscure art group in Saskatoon. Go figure, eh?

  • My customer insisted that I risk the 10,000$ fine and just suck it up. I was between a rock and a hard place.

  • Despite my best efforts, Canada enacted something like the DMCA. I now seriously question whether or not I even want to be computer programmer, or what to do.

  • One of the most profound things I've ever read, Jeff gets a new perspective like a squirt in the ear, from nick bostrom. I'd encourage all of you to read this, sometime today if you haven't. It is short, to the point, and more or less irrefutable logic. And while you're at it, subscribe to my new subreddit.

  • In 2010, I refused to get too beat up over a particular amazing young woman who I dated because I figured that I would find someone better. I was right...but it didn't work in the end.

  • I'm not going to lie though, spending time with her was one of the biggest highlights of my year.

  • Music continues to be the reason my heart keeps beating.

  • but the thing that got me pumped up the most this year, was watching my mom run at the Queen City Marathon. Words can't really express the energy at a marathon -- you kind of had to be there. But it was definitely the highlight of 2012.
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